I haven’t written in here for a while now. Been a good year and a half, is it? A lot has happened since.

So, let’s first bring the audience up-to-date and then resume regular posting, shall we?

A lot of travel and drama happened in equal measure. Adding drama quotient to my already dramatic life. If only it came with a background score…

Managed a trip to Ooty with my colleagues (changed two work places in a very short time. But happy to announce, am all nice and settled in, right now. OK, let’s not jinx it). Then in a spectacularly brave move (very unlike me. which would later kindle me to toe the line a little further) pulled off an all important AND exciting trip to Thrissur (in jab-we-met style. warrants a post by itself. will do, soonly).PicMonkey Collage_1

Had the nerve to travel to Germany. Was very impromptu. One of my proudest and bravest decisions thus far. Managed to get through the supremely pointless, ergo irritating German bureaucracy and secure a travel visa just in time to catch the flight. Flew to Europe with a very hurriedly (not to mention, badly) packed suitcase and a backpack. Showed up at my sister’s doorstep (much to her horror. She dint think, I would actually do it). Cramped in a trip though Germany, Netherlands AND managed to see to S (and have an awesome time) as well. All in a span of 5 days. Was completely nerve wrecking (sleepless nights and all) but SO totally worth it. My grin extends ear-to-ear every.single.time I see the pictures. Added to the list of my memorable life moments. Will remember it for a long long time.  (What? It’s cool ok? I am rarely cool. This is enough to hold on to the “cool” tag for a life time. My future generations will be speaking about it. Ok, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.)

Took to a lot of artsy stuff. Began experimenting with digital sketching (I made such a scene, when my parents wanted to gift me an ipad. Yes, GIFT. I got them thinking they are PicMonkey Collagecommitting a sin, by talking about sweatshops in China and evil Apple supply chain etc etc, only to be shamelessly addicted to device in record 3 hours after purchase. In my defense, I am only addicted to the sketching, drawing apps). Improved on my paper cartooning too. Should daresay, I am good at it. All of them have been religiously posted on facebook. Thank got for social media, managed to get some commissioned art work as well.

Started adding books to my sleeping collection. Have read some very interesting books by some very interesting authors. Watch out for review in the following posts.

Oh and how will my life be complete without the big “M” word? Seems to me that the entire Iyer clan on the planet is waiting with bated breath for me to be hitched. I have given up trying to understand the complex problem of you-are-not-married-so-my-life-has-no-meaning rants of the family. Much like I have given up trying to understand rocket science, quantum physics etc. But some “payyan-pathufying” did happen. More like pathufying a payyan. There is a huge difference. Very good one, actually. Would have loved to continue as a friend. But what to do, the unwritten matrimonial code had to be adhered to. Cant say no to a guy AND still want to be friends with him. Although, personally, I think it’s not the way to go.

I think, I have covered everything important and/or dramatic. Been a long time. Hence the memory lapses.

Between then and now, a lot has happened, and I am still holding my horses waiting to hear the gun shot.







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