This post is undeniably going to sound like one of those boring new year resolution type posts. Me, yawping that this is sheer coincidence or that I am really a retrograde resolutions kind of person, is not going to help the cause. So, go ahead think what you want.

When I look back at how the last year had been, I am actually quite satisfied. I spent most of 2012 unlearning some of the stuffs I had accrued over the past many years. I took ample┬átime┬áto analyze, segregate and redefine some of my ideas/believes/thoughts, that I wanted to carry forward. Tried out some ideas – like my art start-up. Made some new friends – that too for keepsake. Earned the “rebel” tag at home. Realized the importance of being the person that I am. Was generally good, I would say.

2013 is going to be quite eventful, to say the least. Looking forward to a lot of drama.

One empty blog post, this is. Should start blogging more….




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  1. With my new google reader embargo, I didn’t see the new post.

    I like the post. Perhaps not so great for any random reader, but for me, this post is a good one. :)

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