Of Melman, Alex, Gloria and Marty

I never write reviews of movies. I hadn’t really come across any movie worthy of propaganda. Bollywood, kollywood, hollywood just varied in crabbiness. Hollywood was crap at international level and bollywood followed suit on a national level.

But the following two movies really took my breath away. Reason why am better off sticking to such movies. People always branded me as a “kid” cos I only watched such movies. But there is a reason. Two awesome movies – The Ice Age series and the “Madagascar” series. They are such a delight to watch. Sheer brilliance. The animation, the dialogues, the settings, the plot.

The characters have been etched so well and are so beautifully woven into the story. True story, I was so over whelmed with Pixar, Disney and the likes that, I was rather frantically searching for a job opening during my master thesis. Someday, I wish to work there. How cool would that be?



Gloria: Is this place great, or what?
Alex: I’d go with ‘or what.
PS: May be this isn’t exactly a review. So, go and watch the movie…NOW!

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