Not mine. But the country’s.

There are so many issues piling up in the current Indian society. From multiple scams to lack of freedom of expression to eradication of manual  scavenging. We have so many things to do, yet we do so little. Are we going forward or going back in development? So many events from curbing women’s freedom to vandalism (am scared to mention names here) and what not? It is so painful to watch this nation going backwards.

Yes, we have a lot to do. Yet we do so little.

I strongly think this unity in diversity concept is completely on paper and definitely not practiced. So many categories and sub-categories of people. As the first step, I think India’s no.1 priority should be to wipe out “quota” system. Meritocracy should be the norm of the day.  I think, eradication of caste system will ensue as a natural order.

Why do we have so many categories of people? Consequentially we have racial/regional/caste-wise/religious supremacy. Each one thinks they are better off sticking to their community. I am ashamed to admit, altho’ am from a fairly educated family, we follow caste-supremacy quite staunchly. How did it all start? Why won’t people realize this is alla  conniving plan as part of the vote-bank politics? Why don’t people have bigger mindset s to see this as one nation (apart from cricket)? Is it that hard? Heck we have laws to safe guard religious/communal sentiments. One cannot even say something against another community/religion. It is ridiculously complicated and hardwired on every indian’s mind.

An average Indian is born atleast with 4 different tags apart from his “indian” tag. No wonder we have a growing no.of NRIs. They flee the country for the want of luxury/money and happily complain (or express strong opinions) about the situation in India thro’ Facebook. Ugh!


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2 thoughts on “Priorities

    1. You mean the “quota” system part or the caste system part?

      If it is the quota system part:

      Yes, it had a point to it, when it was formed. I know, people were not exactly “equal”. Some had access to stuff and some hadn’t. A quota system had to be in place to realize the envisaged equality. But if it had worked the way it was meant to be, we would have def seen a change. Say, for instance, we should have implemented the system well for the first 30-40 years after independence. Then, we could have done away with it. I do realize, we cannot have absolute laws for a country so diverse and huge. But do you see the system being implemented in reality? Is the real needy class being benefited at all?

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