Navarathri – Day 1

So, Navarathri is here. Golu has been upstaged with renewed grandeur this year. Once again, all my extremely fat circuit analysis books have been neatly stocked up to make the 1st and 2nd padi of our Golu, which we have dubiously covered with amma’s eye-catchy silk saree. So, no one can tell. Amma’s mixie stool and our agrahaaram-style swing made up for the 3rd and 4th steps.

Then we had a problem in hand. You see, the rules clearly stated that, we are supposed to have only odd number of steps.

One could sensibly restrict it to 3 steps then, given the stupendous amount of coaxing that went into putting all my fat books (incl Shantharam and The Suitable Boy) into good use to pass off as authentic Golu-padis. But we are not that sensible, you know? Esp when we are very passionate members of the “your golu is bigger than mine” campaign. Amma was hell bent on having 5 steps. These are the times when appa gets picked for random misdoings in his past (previous births included) and how he was the reason why everything went wrong, including not being able to build a 5th step.  Determined to have a preemptive strike, appa volunteered to set up the 5th step. After 5-6 rounds of going around the house searching for possible padi-objects, he ended up stacking the rice-drums and some assorted paatharams to build a seemingly tall 5th step. To earn extra points, he even set up a very bling serial light set and made it look like some stage for a shivaji drama.

I wished appa had stopped his over action with that. But he even offered to help me with my mustard-plant-on-tray forest settings by bringing soil and all from our garden. This is the same appa who would promptly hide inside the room when random maamis showed up for golu and unleashed their singing prowess with such force, that appa would tease about the day’s performance every night after the show was over. Hmmm…something fishy!

But Amma was delighted. She glowed even brighter than that serial bulb set. We went all “maami-golu” at every possible-contender’s doorstop grinning ear-to-ear.

So, day 1 was a grand success at the Lakshminarayanans.

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