This post will perhaps not stay online for a long time. I am too chicken to let it stay. Right now am all amazon-princess about it, but I know, I would succumb to “what-if’s” a little too soon.

I hate choices. It is official.

I have said it before, am saying it again. I am not that bright to make a choice with a clear head. I analyze, re-analyze, re-re-analyze and make a pick, only to regret not having picked right, in record time. I have a serious “suffer-from-choices” syndrome. I have tried to get out of this syndrome in the past, only to realize the whole ordeal was a humongous waste of my time…and more importantly other people’s time!

What I don’t get is, why am I always given two incredibly good things to choose from and here is the tragedy -  asked to PICK JUST ONE?Arrrggghhh. This happens with clothes, with food, with cars, my graduate schools and what the hell, even my life partner!

This is a pattern. Or more like a creature of habit. I go on for days thinking and analyzing the pros and cons and end up quite unarguably with the most regrettable choice. Then I have to cherry pick all the things that might have gone wrong with the other choice. Sad justification. Like the time, I famously dumped an admit from Carnegie Mellon for TUM with this kind of super-intelligent analysis.

Now, am at this cross road again with an unimaginably important choice to make. The onus is entirely on me and it  only seems fair that way, now that am 25 and all. Again, I am given two incredibly picture-perfect options.

Yeah, I hear you. I sound like a whiny kid complaining about first world problems when there are people suffering from far worse things in life.

Ok, I will shut up.


PS: Am gonna take out all the high-security nonsense that I have tied to my blog. Being clandestine does not suit me at all. Not even a wee bit. One more reason why I cant become a KGB-spy equivalent.

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