Some big and small views

There are only 3 sure ways of making a difference in people’s lives.

1. Become a politician. If you are an indian politician, you can be rest assured that, you will definitely “affect” people’s lives. No dearth of scams. Really.

2. Become a film star.

3. Or some tech giant like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.


You see, I don’t wanna become a politician cos you know, I cant really fit in there. Morality is a big problem. I can’t become a film star either, cos by default a female who aspires to be a film star should either have a hot bod or if you are voluptuous, must be willing to dance/act/sit in compromising positions with men. Basically fan the desires of the sexually-frustrated male audience.

I could do something very techy. I do have a couple of ideas. But am not sure if they are ground-breaking enough.

Hmmm…am 25 as of today. Which means, I have a quarter century’s worth of experiences on this planet. I am still (luckily) in a place (both spatial and temporal) where I can make mistakes and STILL go back on them. But I feel threatened after having hit the big 2 and 5. I am gonna be “maami-fied” in sometime. Oh com’on, like as if you don’t know that girls are instantly “maami-fied” once they get hitched. Only that, the modern versions sport jeans and tees, while still embracing their inner-maami’s and housewives. I don’t wanna settle for a routine-mundane-ordinary life. The usual get-married-to-a-brahmin-boy-have-brahmin-kids (hopefully boys)-and-die. It is just so boring.

To come to think of it, the whole routine of marriage is boring. If it is arranged marriage, life pretty much spells doom (atleast for me). I see all my friends and sisters go thro’ it. There is nothing different. None at all. They get married to a guy (mostly arranged), get pregnant and pop out a kid in record time and that’s it. From that point on, their lives revolve around the kid(s), their in-laws and of course making enough money to provide for the kid(s). I am just wondering, if there is something different in it for me? You know, something that doesn’t scream boredom? Like a carefree, blissful companionship. Of course with enough money, so we don’t have to worry about that part. Unfortunately, the happiness-money graph is undeniably linear. With ample freedom and time to make a wild road trip or with ample good attitude and willingness to volunteer time for the society. Like, am big on education. Teach for underprivileged kids or kids with special needs. I don’t want to end in a marriage that says, we-will-do-it-when-we-have-the-money-or-time. I am sure, in the arranged marriage way, my parents will find a super rich Stanford-educated guy (yes, they exist). But would I get all of the above? It will be such a huge trade off, if I don’t get those. I am a die hard romantic. I am a sucker for romance. I am planning on doing this only once. Hence, all these concerns.

That was the selfish small-picture.

Now to the bigger picture.

How significant is a human’s life in comparison to this vast universe? Very insignificant. None of what we do really matters, when we really realize our own insignificance. Then why waste time on petty things like religion, caste, colour, creed and the innumerous fights to establish superiority in the above categories?

From physics POV, it is easier to understand.  I have done a ton of calculations that gives you an actual number. But am not gonna bore you with math. It has some pretty ugly math. No, seriously.

6 thoughts on “Some big and small views

  1. OK, from physics POV,

    So, what are the parameters?

    Well the mass of the earth is


    and for the sun is


    The mass of the milky way is estimated to be ~5×10^11MSun

    Let’s assume that every galaxy in the universe has the same mass as the milky way (order of magnitude so who cares about being off by a small factor). There are 125 billion galaxies, so the percentage that the Earth is compared to all the galaxies and stars is given by


    But that’s not all. Not even close. Let’s say the average person weighs ~68 kg

    Then the average person, relative to the visible universe is:


    Oh but we don’t stop there. According to the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) and other instruments, the density distribution is given as 74% dark energy, 22% dark matter, and 4% matter, where 0.4% is all the stars and galaxies. (Yes I know it’s density but density is a function of mass and this is order of magnitude so who cares)

    So the Earth relative to what we know as everything in the universe (visible and invisible):

    And so a man or woman, relative to the whole universe:


  2. Rofl ! “Maami-fied”.. pop a kid!.. hahaha.. uve just put into words what I keep thinking all the time. Thank God my parents supported this view of mine.. well Dads not there to support me but I’m sure he is from where ever he is, but my mom completely supports me on this. So when are u getting maami-fied ;) I can happily come to Chennai and witness an iyer style wedding yet again..

  3. @Amulya
    Iyer-style wedding sounds too far fetched right now :D Mabbe Andhra sapadu round the corner? ;);)

    Am glad your parents agree with your view.

  4. Come to blore or hyderabad! Will samachify for you Andhra saapadu. Pleaseeee get hitched to a Stanford ambi asap. I’m *so* smitten by the iyer style wedding!:D Btw my 23 yr old friend just popped out kid #1. Freak show!

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