Ah! The title is as cliched as cliches can get. Except that, the cliche totally worked this time.

Everyone who knows me (well), knows about my “puma” addiction (not the animal, the brand. Duh!). I have been a Puma loyalist since high school. I am generally not a brand person. I can live off pondy bazaar’s fake-brand cheap knock-offs anyday. It works for me. Given my monkey-on-the-loose high standards of maintenance AND the fact that, I easily get bored with stuffs, these less expensive (wattay classy way of putting 5 for 10 formula) go perfectly well with my attitude. I use those fake-brand stuffs for a few months (the bestest quality will last for 3 months max) and throw them away. That way, I get to try out the latest trends and stay in vogue. To fan or fire desire – it depends on the mood. If I really like the thing, I purchase the real brand and have it for keepsake. Seriously, the Adidas tee shirt I purchased in the 11th std, still fits me and I still use it. Ha! (On second thoughts, it makes me sound like a cheapo, which am not, am not, am not!)

Despite these brilliant ideas, I NEVER buy fake brands for footwear. I am very very specific and touchy about it. I am even weary about Bata. After years of the time-tested trail-and-error method, I settled in for Puma. And boy! I was happy. I would happily sport my puma with all attires. I couldn’t care less if people thought it dint go well with my salwar. Infact, I was the first one to wear floaters with salwars in college. Altho’ I invited quite a few stares, I believe I set the trend. I was cool that way. I wore my military-green-and-black-cross-strapped puma floaters with everything – very urban jeans, chic skirts, sporty shorts or even very feminine salwars. So comfortable. I would just jump around.

After a good 3 years, I shifted to a neat-pink-and-Grey puma floaters. I wore it to my workplace. It was yet another one of my proud purchases. But sadly, somebody kannu-vechufied. After one of my trips to the Temple, I found my beauties missing. I was heart broken. I was spewing curses at the sandaalan for having nicked my floaters.

The following day, Appa, who knows too well about my abnormal footwear affections, promised to buy another one before I came back home from work. But alas! He got me an overtly-expensive nike floaters!!

They do look quite nice on my chubby feet. But still, it doesn’t feel the same. Vaguely uncomfortable. A feeling of having cheated on my Puma.




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