<unwanted trivia alert>Time travel refers to the concept of moving to different points in time analogous to moving between different points in space. One could (hypothetically) travel back in time from a starting point or travel forward from that starting point.</unwanted trivia alert>

While time dilation(one-way travel to future) is something plausible, my requirement is only traveling back. Ok, my esteemed reader, don’t laugh now. I am pretty serious and in a short while, you will know why. This is where I blame Einstein for not having invented the time machine before he conked off.


Friday evening, finally. I got back home from work(ok, for the effect – after an excruciatingly hard day’s work) and did what every self-respecting person would do – switched on the television. After routine, mindless channel-surfing, I hit Vijay TV. To my heart’s glee, the channel was playing “Vijay awards”.

<A la Bharathiraja movies, for a few seconds, the waves stopped dead, the birds paused mid-flight, the wind stopped blowing, and my heart missed a beat.>

My eyes widened and I was superbly happy. Vijay awards was my way of keeping track of the blink-and-miss heroes and heroines in the industry. To notice who and all have gone from needle-thin to bountifully buxom. And Surya.

Cheap thrills.

As I settled down with all the paraphernalia -  chips, water and cellphone in silent mode, amma asked me(my memory fails me here, now, I think, she “told” me and not actually “ask”), if I wanted to join her to goto the temple. Answers to such questions are like reflex knee-jerk-effect for me – “No!”. But I don’t know, what evil befell me, that I answered “Yes!”

I, not only agreed to go with appa and amma to the temple, but got ready in record time. Amma kept asking me in the car-ride, why I had actually agreed to come. While, appa had his “temple face” already on. (Appa’s temple face is something like Shivaji in Karnan movie when he was looking at Krishna in the final song.). Once appa has his “temple-face” on, the flood-gate for Bhakti would have opened and he pays deaf hear to everything else. All thro’ the ride, I kept thinking about who would be gyrating to what song on Vijay TV. Amma reprimanded me and told me “live in present” or something like that.

So, I lived in present.

We sat infront of the fire(some pooja was going on) and watched all the proceedings. While, I wasn’t particularly interested in the pooja, I liked to listen to chanting of vedas. I have always liked the tunes of Sama-vedam. At the sametime, there was a small kid playing infront of me. I enjoy watching small kids and I am usually good with kids. But this particular kid was way too ugly(don’t get all “how-could-you” on me) and was irritating-naughty and not the usual cute-naughty. The kid was real close to getting on my nerves. These sorts of badly-timed thoughts were playing in my mind, while everybody else were engrossed in spirituality. Appa’s temple-face intensified. But all I could think of was only, how ugly the baby looked(i did feel bad for thinking that way). That’s when amma whispered into my ears:

“Ei, Aishu, don’t judge me, aana, andha papa konjam romba sumar illa?”

I was stumped. I wishing more than ever, I had sat at home watching Vijay TV happily.

People ask me why am being such a KD. It takes incredible amount of self control to NOT answer back – “It’s hereditary!”


PS : Geeky stuff, I enjoyed/read : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Many-worlds_interpretation . It is way too geeky. Don’t tell me, I dint warn you.





4 thoughts on “I_blame_Einstein

  1. Good article, but not up to your usual standards.

    “time dilation” is a real thing. Not just a plausibility.

  2. Yes I have heard about it earlier, but had to look up to remember well.

    Actually the grandfather paradox can be explained with multiverse. If there are infinite universes , it is not so hard to see that, there is one universe for every other possibility, also, there is one universe for every possible moment-in-time. So, if time-travel is actually a travel to that universe which represents that time .. and if I kill my grandfather, it won’t be a problem because, in that universe I might not exist at all.

    Hence no paradox. Time travel doesn’t necessarily mean in the same universe, it could be spatial travel in the multiverse, but to a part which represents a different time.

    Well, that’s all for now.

    1. That is true. Actually, I *think* that concept is called time travel with “alternate time-lines”…something like multiple-alternate-coexisting histories.

      See, now, I blame physics…for stealing my thunder!!

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