Navarathri – Day 1

So, Navarathri is here. Golu has been upstaged with renewed grandeur this year. Once again, all my extremely fat circuit analysis books have been neatly stocked up to make the 1st and 2nd padi of our Golu, which we have dubiously covered with amma’s eye-catchy silk saree. So, no one can tell. Amma’s mixie stool […]

Candid confessions

I officially hate all fat people. I dont care how shallow I sound. Yes, I do. I hate all the fat people in the morning train. Even if I cut slack to half of them, giving them the benefit of doubt that obesity was probably hereditary, that still leaves us with quite a sizable number […]

The Argument

So, I was telling S about this new “Auto meter campaign” in Chennai, that I was trying to be a part of. You know, nothing big (yet), just some slogan writing and generally spreading awareness. I was all enthu about it. The moment he heard it, he was like, “it is not going to work.” […]

Think Piece

  Tamil Nadu, alone produces around 1,75,000 engineers every year, who are largely dumped into grand BPO’s (Basically Pointless Offices). Methinks, we only do large scale kuppa-kalarifying with a smile stuck on our faces.


This post is probably not very statistically/mathematically accurate. It is beyond the author’s ken to do something of this sort perfectly. She wants to make it amply clear that she does not wish to earn anyone’s ire! She thinks, this idea is kick ass, nevertheless. Plus she has just been indexed! (hopefully, this leads to […]

Behind closed doors

Disclaimer : I had many ideas for fancy posts, which is very unlike me, since, I don’t really wait for fancy-post-ideas to hit me. I write whatever comes to my mind. My blog is mostly centered around the happenings in my mundane life. Point being, “fancy” is just not me.  I have been wanting to […]

The cow anamoly

I belong to the quintessential Tambram clan who are perpetually stuck in the “transition” phase. We are forever struggling to fit in, “our” modus operandi into today’s picture of the world(which, is strikingly different from ours). Kamala maami couldn’t contain her excitement. Even if she managed to hold a calm-what’s-the-big-deal expression, her dazzling nose rings(which […]

Comic capers

Calvin: “You can’t just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood.” Hobbes: “What mood is that?” Calvin: “Last-minute panic.” Did that make you smile?! Now read on… I am a self-confessed comic book addict. I have read all kinds of comic books – right from the delightfully indian […]

Just some blah!

Alert : This is going to be an update-style post(as if people are hanging around to know what’s going on in my life. But am the celebrity of this blog no?) in addition to some vent/rant-style paragraphs. Don’t tell me, I didn’t warn you! June 2nd, 2012 was an import day for me. Hindu’s “Metro […]

Who we really are?

No, this is not the kind of post which dotes on philosophy of any kind.  I hate philosophy. I think of it as pointers to loop holes that you could wriggle through when you screw up. Pah! Enough already! So, Madras has the new copyright infringement law in place now. This means, many of my […]