If you've got it, flaunt it!

This post has been lying around in the drafts long enough and I thought I’d complete it and let it see the light of the day. Also ‘cos I have nothing else to do until my simulation runs. That should take a clear 45 min until I see green-blue-red teeny waveforms that look like centipedes […]


Ah! The title is as cliched as cliches can get. Except that, the cliche totally worked this time. Everyone who knows me (well), knows about my “puma” addiction (not the animal, the brand. Duh!). I have been a Puma loyalist since high school. I am generally not a brand person. I can live off pondy […]

Just do it!

If you thought this was some motivational post, you can’t be more wrong. Nor, does this post have anything(even remotely) to do with Nike. Per usual, I was listening to 92.7 Big FM this morning. Big FM was hell bent on relentlessly dishing out supremely boring songs today. One particular song went like this… “Masal […]

21deg NE of the Hindi-land!

Geography has never been kind to me. Even as a kid, I used to hate the subject. Somehow, I just couldn’t care for the grasslands or topical-land or whatever else landmass. I was so bad that, I would actually blink for a whole 5 minutes, to mark “Antarctica” on the map-marking sessions at school. I […]

Think Piece

  Tamil Nadu, alone produces around 1,75,000 engineers every year, who are largely dumped into grand BPO’s (Basically Pointless Offices). Methinks, we only do large scale kuppa-kalarifying with a smile stuck on our faces.


This post is probably not very statistically/mathematically accurate. It is beyond the author’s ken to do something of this sort perfectly. She wants to make it amply clear that she does not wish to earn anyone’s ire! She thinks, this idea is kick ass, nevertheless. Plus she has just been indexed! (hopefully, this leads to […]

Behind closed doors

Disclaimer : I had many ideas for fancy posts, which is very unlike me, since, I don’t really wait for fancy-post-ideas to hit me. I write whatever comes to my mind. My blog is mostly centered around the happenings in my mundane life. Point being, “fancy” is just not me.  I have been wanting to […]


<unwanted trivia alert>Time travel refers to the concept of moving to different points in time analogous to moving between different points in space. One could (hypothetically) travel back in time from a starting point or travel forward from that starting point.</unwanted trivia alert> While time dilation(one-way travel to future) is something plausible, my requirement is […]


I am a natural eavesdropper. Not Let’s just say, I am very receptive to all the conversations around me, whether or not, they are addressed to me. ****** After I got down from an over crowed train onto a doubly over crowded platform. Random-sethu-guy-on-phone : Haan ji, Haan ji Irritated-bystander-next-to-sethu guy : Aanji-ya Aaanakuttiji-ya, nagathu […]

The cow anamoly

I belong to the quintessential Tambram clan who are perpetually stuck in the “transition” phase. We are forever struggling to fit in, “our” modus operandi into today’s picture of the world(which, is strikingly different from ours). Kamala maami couldn’t contain her excitement. Even if she managed to hold a calm-what’s-the-big-deal expression, her dazzling nose rings(which […]