Navarathri – Day 1

So, Navarathri is here. Golu has been upstaged with renewed grandeur this year. Once again, all my extremely fat circuit analysis books have been neatly stocked up to make the 1st and 2nd padi of our Golu, which we have dubiously covered with amma’s eye-catchy silk saree. So, no one can tell. Amma’s mixie stool […]

One where the mother finds out

If there is one thing I have done sincerely(and regularly) to this day, is watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I have been watching it since forever… my 10th standard to be precise(gulp! I am old). I never get bored of it. I am sure, am not alone in this. There are many who would have watched it a […]


<unwanted trivia alert>Time travel refers to the concept of moving to different points in time analogous to moving between different points in space. One could (hypothetically) travel back in time from a starting point or travel forward from that starting point.</unwanted trivia alert> While time dilation(one-way travel to future) is something plausible, my requirement is […]

Tsk know va?

I woke up groggy-eyed this morning to see amma in an unusually enthu mood. This was hard to comprehend given the fact that, for the past few days amma’s been in a royally irritated mood, owing to Tamil Nadu’s maniacal power cuts coupled with construction-noise outside our place. She has been border-line threatening to kill […]

Odd day…

The day seems to be odd…yes, quite odd! I woke up frog-eyed, only to realise, I had an extra 35 min solid to still stay snuggled up inside my quilt. Bliss. Then, for some reason, everything I did, seemed to please ‘Admiral’ amma. She was beaming at everything I did. She went a little over […]


This post is a result of the chugging of my thought train during my train journey today (horrible, I know!) and also ‘cos of the prolonged joblessness in my office. I should do something to atleast pretend to be busy no? It is hard to understand how things change around us. Yeah, I know, change […]