Since I seem to be on a posting spree, here goes another OB-post with a list of my idiosyncrasies… 1 .  I cannot forgive and forget. Altho’ sometimes, I do forgive, I NEVER forget. I find it hard to let go of people’s pasts – esp that of those very close to me. Sometimes, the […]

Back in business

To all those who care: My blog’s up and running now. So, I will be scribbling away to glory again. Flashback: I tried to do some smart-ass thing on my blog by trying to add a feedburner(truth be told, I dint even know the word until 10 days ago) to make subscription easier. But the […]

I hate people who take other people’s time for granted…esp, those who very well know about these things. Also, one totally loses it, esp when one knows, one has to make up since life cannot go on without. Argh, horrible start of the day.

One in which she thinks she overstepped…

I have always hated geeks. Altho’, I have been very very good at every academic thing, I have done (mostly electrical and electronics stuffs), I wouldn’t call myself a “geek”. I find geeks very nauseating. I think of them as obnoxiously-no-life people. Trying(too hard?) to be a know-it-all, irks me. I, for one, never wanted […]


“I’ll spread my wings, and I’ll learn how to fly, I’ll do what it takes till I touch the sky, And I’ll make a wish, Take a chance, Make a change, And breakaway! Out of the darkness and into the sun, But I won’t forget all the ones that I love, I’ll take a risk, […]

Que Sera, Sera!

This song’s been playing in my head since morning. What-a-song! Brings back awesome childhood memories. I remember, my dad teaching me this song. Then, learning it again in my school in those “famed” western music lessons. My dad used to play it on his mouth organ quite often. Fun times, those were. Que Sera, Sera…whatever […]

Just some words…

Note : By some miracle, the author has finally worked up enough motivation to blog. After having watched innumerous blog-occasions whoosh by while waiting endlessly for an excuse to blog, the author has decided to just do it! So here goes…making haste while it lasts… I really don’t have anything specific to write about. So […]

Therefore I am…

Warning : The author just came out of the “old world” of diary writing, secret-note writing, little yellow post-it’s on the mirror. Hence the exceptionally long post(!!) In spite of the cost of living, it is VERY popular. This – I learnt the hard way!Life has this weird habit of bringing up those ‘”oh-my-god” moments […]