Should I take the plunge or not? Just when am about to dive, I find it irrecoverably deep. Why does everything make sense only in hindsight? That singular moment when you realize you had been doing it all wrong. Or following it all wrong. Or even worse, thinking it all wrong! You are the outsider. […]


I haven’t written in here for a while now. Been a good year and a half, is it? A lot has happened since. So, let’s first bring the audience up-to-date and then resume regular posting, shall we? A lot of travel and drama happened in equal measure. Adding drama quotient to my already dramatic life. […]

This post is undeniably going to sound like one of those boring new year resolution type posts. Me, yawping that this is sheer coincidence or that I am really a retrograde resolutions kind of person, is not going to help the cause. So, go ahead think what you want. When I look back at how […]

Hear! Hear!

I’d be lying thro’ my teeth if I said I am not ridiculously happy. Once again on paper (am the 3rd pic)

Of Melman, Alex, Gloria and Marty

I never write reviews of movies. I hadn’t really come across any movie worthy of propaganda. Bollywood, kollywood, hollywood just varied in crabbiness. Hollywood was crap at international level and bollywood followed suit on a national level. But the following two movies really took my breath away. Reason why am better off sticking to such […]

Hits and Misses

It is not uncommon in my household to be a student. I mean, a student at any age. I have a maternal aunt who is 76 years and pursuing a Phd in Hindi Literature or my perpetually-in-an-exam-hall uncle. He is either writing an exam or invigilating one, pretty much all the time. So, it is […]


Not mine. But the country’s. There are so many issues piling up in the current Indian society. From multiple scams to lack of freedom of expression to eradication of manualĀ  scavenging. We have so many things to do, yet we do so little. Are we going forward or going back in development? So many events […]

Crazy smitten kitten

I am a self confessed calvin and hobbes fan. I think the whole world knows that. But what’s new is, I have been toying with the idea of a C&H wedding card for a long time. So, here it is…   The outer cover/envelope: A little bit of this and a little bit of that! […]

Some big and small views

There are only 3 sure ways of making a difference in people’s lives. 1. Become a politician. If you are an indian politician, you can be rest assured that, you will definitely “affect” people’s lives. No dearth of scams. Really. 2. Become a film star. 3. Or some tech giant like Steve Jobs or Bill […]


After trying out many different themes, I have finally found THE ONE. All I wanted was a simple theme with good font-type and font-size. Either the theme was way too colourful(to my taste) or the font-size/type hindered readability. After many hapless trials, I have settled for this one. Do tell me, if you like it:)