This post will perhaps not stay online for a long time. I am too chicken to let it stay. Right now am all amazon-princess about it, but I know, I would succumb to “what-if’s” a little too soon. I hate choices. It is official. I have said it before, am saying it again. I am […]

Some big and small views

There are only 3 sure ways of making a difference in people’s lives. 1. Become a politician. If you are an indian politician, you can be rest assured that, you will definitely “affect” people’s lives. No dearth of scams. Really. 2. Become a film star. 3. Or some tech giant like Steve Jobs or Bill […]

Candid confessions

I officially hate all fat people. I dont care how shallow I sound. Yes, I do. I hate all the fat people in the morning train. Even if I cut slack to half of them, giving them the benefit of doubt that obesity was probably hereditary, that still leaves us with quite a sizable number […]

Auftritt mit Zauber

Ich habe den Titel aus ” Spiegel” gestohlen:D Diesen Titel gefaellt mir ganz gut!! Ich bin nicht bescahemnt. Jeder Mensch hat eine andere Person in ihrem Leben, die sie lieben. Die Person würde  in ihrem Leben ohne einen Plan gekommen. Wie eine schöne Überraschung … wie Zauber. Ich erzaehle nicht ueber eine Freundin oder einen […]

The Argument

So, I was telling S about this new “Auto meter campaign” in Chennai, that I was trying to be a part of. You know, nothing big (yet), just some slogan writing and generally spreading awareness. I was all enthu about it. The moment he heard it, he was like, “it is not going to work.” […]


Ah! The title is as cliched as cliches can get. Except that, the cliche totally worked this time. Everyone who knows me (well), knows about my “puma” addiction (not the animal, the brand. Duh!). I have been a Puma loyalist since high school. I am generally not a brand person. I can live off pondy […]


How daring or courageous should a person be, to get involved in a twisted situation or a twisted person? Or is it the person’s unfortunate luck…sorta wrong place at the wrong time? Or should the person’s faith to take that kind of a leap into the unknown, be appreciated? Which party should stand to gain? […]

Life, universe and an intern (in that order)

Random update style post(cos I dont have anything better to write. My brain’s too full. Ha! Like you’d believe that. The brain’s-too-full part ie. If you have lingered long enough, it shouldn’t be hard to guess, the first part is more or less true. Also, this post has been lying in the drafts long enough. […]


Her heart skipped a beat again. It was that unmistakable smile again. Look away, look away. He is probably looking back at you. But Sanjana couldn’t stop looking in his direction. Her eyes just wouldn’t move. With all her might, she tore her sight away from him. But from the corner of her eye she […]


I think of myself as an awesome choreographer but a pathetic dancer. I am super inflexible when it comes to dancing. But am a great choreographer nonetheless. I have choreographed some pretty cool prabhu-deva-type moves to a melange of chart-topping numbers – from “Hips don’t lie” to downright authentic bharathanatyam-centric songs. Well, of course no […]