Should I take the plunge or not? Just when am about to dive, I find it irrecoverably deep.

Why does everything make sense only in hindsight?

That singular moment when you realize you had been doing it all wrong. Or following it all wrong. Or even worse, thinking it all wrong! You are the outsider.

What is the maximum number times one is allowed to bang one’s head on closed doors?

Do all misfits, fit in together? Or would they all become one big giant misfit?









I haven’t written in here for a while now. Been a good year and a half, is it? A lot has happened since.

So, let’s first bring the audience up-to-date and then resume regular posting, shall we?

A lot of travel and drama happened in equal measure. Adding drama quotient to my already dramatic life. If only it came with a background score…

Managed a trip to Ooty with my colleagues (changed two work places in a very short time. But happy to announce, am all nice and settled in, right now. OK, let’s not jinx it). Then in a spectacularly brave move (very unlike me. which would later kindle me to toe the line a little further) pulled off an all important AND exciting trip to Thrissur (in jab-we-met style. warrants a post by itself. will do, soonly).PicMonkey Collage_1

Had the nerve to travel to Germany. Was very impromptu. One of my proudest and bravest decisions thus far. Managed to get through the supremely pointless, ergo irritating German bureaucracy and secure a travel visa just in time to catch the flight. Flew to Europe with a very hurriedly (not to mention, badly) packed suitcase and a backpack. Showed up at my sister’s doorstep (much to her horror. She dint think, I would actually do it). Cramped in a trip though Germany, Netherlands AND managed to see to S (and have an awesome time) as well. All in a span of 5 days. Was completely nerve wrecking (sleepless nights and all) but SO totally worth it. My grin extends ear-to-ear every.single.time I see the pictures. Added to the list of my memorable life moments. Will remember it for a long long time.  (What? It’s cool ok? I am rarely cool. This is enough to hold on to the “cool” tag for a life time. My future generations will be speaking about it. Ok, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.)

Took to a lot of artsy stuff. Began experimenting with digital sketching (I made such a scene, when my parents wanted to gift me an ipad. Yes, GIFT. I got them thinking they are PicMonkey Collagecommitting a sin, by talking about sweatshops in China and evil Apple supply chain etc etc, only to be shamelessly addicted to device in record 3 hours after purchase. In my defense, I am only addicted to the sketching, drawing apps). Improved on my paper cartooning too. Should daresay, I am good at it. All of them have been religiously posted on facebook. Thank got for social media, managed to get some commissioned art work as well.

Started adding books to my sleeping collection. Have read some very interesting books by some very interesting authors. Watch out for review in the following posts.

Oh and how will my life be complete without the big “M” word? Seems to me that the entire Iyer clan on the planet is waiting with bated breath for me to be hitched. I have given up trying to understand the complex problem of you-are-not-married-so-my-life-has-no-meaning rants of the family. Much like I have given up trying to understand rocket science, quantum physics etc. But some “payyan-pathufying” did happen. More like pathufying a payyan. There is a huge difference. Very good one, actually. Would have loved to continue as a friend. But what to do, the unwritten matrimonial code had to be adhered to. Cant say no to a guy AND still want to be friends with him. Although, personally, I think it’s not the way to go.

I think, I have covered everything important and/or dramatic. Been a long time. Hence the memory lapses.

Between then and now, a lot has happened, and I am still holding my horses waiting to hear the gun shot.







This post is undeniably going to sound like one of those boring new year resolution type posts. Me, yawping that this is sheer coincidence or that I am really a retrograde resolutions kind of person, is not going to help the cause. So, go ahead think what you want.

When I look back at how the last year had been, I am actually quite satisfied. I spent most of 2012 unlearning some of the stuffs I had accrued over the past many years. I took ample time to analyze, segregate and redefine some of my ideas/believes/thoughts, that I wanted to carry forward. Tried out some ideas – like my art start-up. Made some new friends – that too for keepsake. Earned the “rebel” tag at home. Realized the importance of being the person that I am. Was generally good, I would say.

2013 is going to be quite eventful, to say the least. Looking forward to a lot of drama.

One empty blog post, this is. Should start blogging more….




Of Melman, Alex, Gloria and Marty

I never write reviews of movies. I hadn’t really come across any movie worthy of propaganda. Bollywood, kollywood, hollywood just varied in crabbiness. Hollywood was crap at international level and bollywood followed suit on a national level.

But the following two movies really took my breath away. Reason why am better off sticking to such movies. People always branded me as a “kid” cos I only watched such movies. But there is a reason. Two awesome movies – The Ice Age series and the “Madagascar” series. They are such a delight to watch. Sheer brilliance. The animation, the dialogues, the settings, the plot.

The characters have been etched so well and are so beautifully woven into the story. True story, I was so over whelmed with Pixar, Disney and the likes that, I was rather frantically searching for a job opening during my master thesis. Someday, I wish to work there. How cool would that be?



Gloria: Is this place great, or what?
Alex: I’d go with ‘or what.
PS: May be this isn’t exactly a review. So, go and watch the movie…NOW!

Hits and Misses

It is not uncommon in my household to be a student. I mean, a student at any age. I have a maternal aunt who is 76 years and pursuing a Phd in Hindi Literature or my perpetually-in-an-exam-hall uncle. He is either writing an exam or invigilating one, pretty much all the time. So, it is only natural I wanted to study some more.

Or, so I thought.

But my decision to study (again) sent chills down amma’s spine.

She was horrified.

I was confused.

It is not like, I said I wanted to hang myself in the middle of Ranganathan street or something. All I said was I wanted to study. I did have valid reasons for that. In an ideal world inhabited with sane people, this would have looked like a good thing. But no…no no no. Hell broke loose at home. Became a classic case of “lady doth protest a lot”. Apparently, this decision had a lot to consider. And all this while, I had been thinking securing an admission and finances were the only concerns. But the order of concerns ranged from future-mother-in-law’s approval to what-will-I-tell-the-relatives. The biggest one, how-can-I-send-you-away-without-getting-you-married took all the lime light. None of them made sense to me.

So, I did what always did – went ahead with my decision.


Not mine. But the country’s.

There are so many issues piling up in the current Indian society. From multiple scams to lack of freedom of expression to eradication of manual  scavenging. We have so many things to do, yet we do so little. Are we going forward or going back in development? So many events from curbing women’s freedom to vandalism (am scared to mention names here) and what not? It is so painful to watch this nation going backwards.

Yes, we have a lot to do. Yet we do so little.

I strongly think this unity in diversity concept is completely on paper and definitely not practiced. So many categories and sub-categories of people. As the first step, I think India’s no.1 priority should be to wipe out “quota” system. Meritocracy should be the norm of the day.  I think, eradication of caste system will ensue as a natural order.

Why do we have so many categories of people? Consequentially we have racial/regional/caste-wise/religious supremacy. Each one thinks they are better off sticking to their community. I am ashamed to admit, altho’ am from a fairly educated family, we follow caste-supremacy quite staunchly. How did it all start? Why won’t people realize this is alla  conniving plan as part of the vote-bank politics? Why don’t people have bigger mindset s to see this as one nation (apart from cricket)? Is it that hard? Heck we have laws to safe guard religious/communal sentiments. One cannot even say something against another community/religion. It is ridiculously complicated and hardwired on every indian’s mind.

An average Indian is born atleast with 4 different tags apart from his “indian” tag. No wonder we have a growing no.of NRIs. They flee the country for the want of luxury/money and happily complain (or express strong opinions) about the situation in India thro’ Facebook. Ugh!


<to be completed…>

If you've got it, flaunt it!

This post has been lying around in the drafts long enough and I thought I’d complete it and let it see the light of the day. Also ‘cos I have nothing else to do until my simulation runs. That should take a clear 45 min until I see green-blue-red teeny waveforms that look like centipedes crawling through my screen!


[I bet you thought the title meant something else. Ah! Well then, that too :D]

As if I haven’t said enough about myself here already, am gonna say some more. Just one more outrageously candid thing and I will be done.


A few days ago (I think it was during diwali), I sat down with a bunch of my relatives to watch one of my cousin sister’s wedding video from 4-5 years ago (now, why would anyone do that? Simple, cos we are the Lakshminarayanans. Comes with the product). In retrospect I think that was an insane waste of time which involved some stupendous amounts of self loath among the ladies who’ve magically put on 10 kilos since (the wedding) or lost scary amounts of hair (again, since the wedding). But nothing was good enough to take away my thunder. It was so pronounced (my act in the video) that it took off everybody’s woes away in a jiffy like some magic spell and was very painfully and permanently replaced with the memory of  “my act”.

Now what was my “act”, you are wondering, am sure?

My dance skills.

Was I bad? Nosir. I was just SO bad that I think a couple people almost got a heart attack watching me and some of them might of thought I was having Epilepsy. I might have gained some sympathy there. But am pretty sure all of them gave my parents the what-in-world-have-you-given-birth-to look. Atleast during that video watching session at home, some of my relatives did.

You see, it wasn’t all my fault. No, really. It was the result of a grand tradition called “maapilai azhaippu” (son-in-law calling) and the full-size mirror in my bathroom and of course some misplaced self worth.

Before I get into the details of the horror, I have to touch upon this mirror of mine. It is an important evidence to prove the premise that it wasn’t all my fault.

The mirror is.the.single.greatest.thing my dad has ever done. It is a tall full-sized mirror from Belgium, no less, that stands tall in my bathroom. Now why would we have it in the bathroom and not in the dressing room? I am not addressing that. But it was (is) real fun. I saw myself growing up – quite literally. From an awkward big-nosed bony girl to a slightly taller, but still big-nosed bony teenager and finally to an hour-glass figure (this is the high on self worth part) 25 year-old. It is where I practiced my moves (dance), gave my speeches, cried my eyes out and heck even tried cat-walk  among other things.

So yeah, I basically practiced my dance moves before the “maapilai azhaippu” with extreme josh. I am almost quite sure I must have danced like the Sheila-ki-jawani in front of the mirror. Besides, we were expecting a lot of crowd that day. I didn’t expect people to notice me. But turns out, that stupid video grapher caught all my moves for a full 20 minutes complete with me trying in vain to dance next to a random-ridiculously-handsome guy who didn’t even know I was dancing next to him. Talk about bullying.

Now you understand don’t you, you gentle reader?

Anyway, the Diwali ended in many laughs.


Crazy smitten kitten

I am a self confessed calvin and hobbes fan. I think the whole world knows that. But what’s new is, I have been toying with the idea of a C&H wedding card for a long time. So, here it is…


The outer cover/envelope:

A little bit of this and a little bit of that!



First Page of the invitation:



Calvin: Things are never quite as scary when you’ve got a best friend.

That’s exactly why nothing seems scary to me!




Page 2 with all the necessary worldly details:

When :






Page 3 with some sweet nothings:



For a lifetime’s worth of togetherness and a wee bit of craziness!



FYI : This is just one of those when-my-time-comes kind of post. Just to clarify, I am not married or even anywhere close to getting hitched.


Navarathri – Day 1

So, Navarathri is here. Golu has been upstaged with renewed grandeur this year. Once again, all my extremely fat circuit analysis books have been neatly stocked up to make the 1st and 2nd padi of our Golu, which we have dubiously covered with amma’s eye-catchy silk saree. So, no one can tell. Amma’s mixie stool and our agrahaaram-style swing made up for the 3rd and 4th steps.

Then we had a problem in hand. You see, the rules clearly stated that, we are supposed to have only odd number of steps.

One could sensibly restrict it to 3 steps then, given the stupendous amount of coaxing that went into putting all my fat books (incl Shantharam and The Suitable Boy) into good use to pass off as authentic Golu-padis. But we are not that sensible, you know? Esp when we are very passionate members of the “your golu is bigger than mine” campaign. Amma was hell bent on having 5 steps. These are the times when appa gets picked for random misdoings in his past (previous births included) and how he was the reason why everything went wrong, including not being able to build a 5th step.  Determined to have a preemptive strike, appa volunteered to set up the 5th step. After 5-6 rounds of going around the house searching for possible padi-objects, he ended up stacking the rice-drums and some assorted paatharams to build a seemingly tall 5th step. To earn extra points, he even set up a very bling serial light set and made it look like some stage for a shivaji drama.

I wished appa had stopped his over action with that. But he even offered to help me with my mustard-plant-on-tray forest settings by bringing soil and all from our garden. This is the same appa who would promptly hide inside the room when random maamis showed up for golu and unleashed their singing prowess with such force, that appa would tease about the day’s performance every night after the show was over. Hmmm…something fishy!

But Amma was delighted. She glowed even brighter than that serial bulb set. We went all “maami-golu” at every possible-contender’s doorstop grinning ear-to-ear.

So, day 1 was a grand success at the Lakshminarayanans.